domenica 10 giugno 2012

Simple astronomy with digital camera / デジカメで手軽に天文学

This post is based on a stand the JEM-EUSO group  prepared for RIKEN open campus, in April 2012. 

After the Venus passage we do not need to stop with backyard astronomy: With current quality of digital cameras everyone can take good astronomical pictures. They will not be detailed as those of Hubble Space Telescope, but you can have a lot of fun discovering the universe with your own eyes.
You only  need a tripod or a place to set your camera steady, any camera will work:
If your camera has fixed setting, choose night, or star.

If you can change settings manually usually it is better to choose largest aperture, long exposure, set the manual focus to infinity, ISO 400 or higher. 

Moon, stars, nebulae and the planets are easily accessible: start using the settings in the pamphlet  and experiment with your own!

The poster prepared fo RIKEN open campus 2012. Click to enlarge
Special thanks to I. Kaneko for the graphic layout and to H. Miyamoto
for the Japanese translation.


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