domenica 11 dicembre 2011

Eclisse di Luna, 10 Dicembre 2011

Si è appena conclusa l'eclisse di Luna del 10-11 Dicembre 2011. Il cielo limpido di Tokyo ha permesso una splendida visione di questo fenomeno astronomico. Le foto, fatte con una Canon SX30IS non fanno assolutamente giustizia al nostro satellite...

Anche Giove ed le quattro lune medicee, non sono state da meno:

Giove e le sue 4 lune maggiori, Io, Europa, Ganimede e Callisto

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  1. Bravissimo ! The fact that the phenomenon occurred around midnight (in Tokyo), with the moon close to zenith, also contributed to the splendid view: the amount of atmosphere between us and the moon was minimum, and it could be seen from anywhere, even in the middle of tall buildings in all directions! Thanks for sharing the pictures and congratulations: it gives an accurate memory of the event!

  2. Thanks Etienne, it was a magnificent view considering usual humid japan weather. I'm glad we could all see it: let's hope it brings good luck for JEM-EUSO

  3. Etienne, I was thinking... probably the lunar eclipse has to occur around local midnight, because the Sun has to be on the diametrally opposite side of the Earth. The Moon close to zenith also is mandatory, since the Sun has to be on the opposite side and therefore the shadow is in the zenith direction... What do you think?