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Lunar eclipse on June 4th 2012: (bad) photos

Tonight, on June 4th 2012 it will be possible from the East Asia/Pacific/America to assist to a partial lunar eclipse: it will not be as spectacular at the recent solar anular eclipse or the previous total  lunar eclipse in December 2011 but it will still be a beautiful sight.
[EDIT 22:01 4/6/2012]
20:43 JST 2.5s f5.6 iso 100
21:03 JST 6s f10 iso100 

Very bad weather, could only take two pictures with barely visible eclipse. Long term exposure helped to reduce the noise and smearing from the clouds.

The NASA website has all info on the event:

 Penumbral Eclipse Begins:    08:48:09 UT   17:48:09 JPN
 Partial Eclipse Begins:      09:59:53 UT   18:59:53 JPN
 Greatest Eclipse:            11:03:13 UT   20:03:13 JPN
 Partial Eclipse Ends:        12:06:30 UT   21:03:30 JPN                    Penumbral Eclipse Ends:      13:18:17 UT   22:18:17 JPN

Moonrise is at 18:43 so it will be possible to see the eclipse already ongoing some time after 7pm.
The Moon is very bright, so 1/125s exposure (largest aperture is best) should be enough and -  if you do not zoom too much - you will be able to take nice pictures even without tripod.
Next is the transit of Venus (link in italian) of June the 6th!


Position of the Moon behind the Earth in today's eclipse (from NASA website)

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